ExpertusONETM is a social and collaborative learning platform that unfies formal, informal and collaborative learning in a dynamic social environment to easily reach global employees, partners and customers and engage learners with a rich blend of relevant resources. It is

  • One solution for all learning modes - formal, informal and collaborative
  • One solution for all learning audiences - with a custom environment for each
  • One solution for all learning resources - leveraging enterprise applications and legacy systems and the only solution that optimizes today's learning assets - and protects them for tomorrow

In less than a year, a charter customer doubled its global learning offerings and grew training adoption by more than 30% - while simultaneously saving on support costs.

Much more than a learning management system, this award-winning social learning platform is a proven foundation for dynamic, blended learning solutions that quickly adapt to changing business requirements.

Already, some of today's leading corporations rely on ExpertusONE for learning ecosystems that span organizational boundaries and generate bottom-line business results - even as they reduce training expenses.

With ExpertusONE, formal, informal and social learning resources and activities are seamlessly blended - and delivered on demand, through any web browser.


ExpertusONE offers highly customized learning environments that support the unique needs and interests of employees, customers, partners and others.

Through a single, secure online log-in process, learners instantly connect with whatever mix of resources they require, such as:

  • Communities of practice
  • Expert networks
  • Mentoring
  • Personalized development plans
  • Training catalogs
  • Course ratings
  • Instructional materials

In addition, ExpertusONE offers immediate access to digital information that is typically scattered across the enterprise. Robust, Google-like search capabilities help learners quickly find the most critical resources for their job roles.


Unlike vendor-specific LMS platforms and portals, ExpertusONE is based on a robust, highly adaptive web-services foundation. Therefore, it overcomes enterprise learning's most complex and costly challenge - technology integration. ExpertusONE fully leverages the IT resources and software - including LMS, CRM, CMS, HR and talent management systems.

In addition, ExpertusONE enhances the value of the corporate learning infrastructure with built-in tools for core management functions, such as Security and permissions, Learning administration, Localization, and Usage reports.